zetaMerge is a Google Docs/Google Sheets add-on for the quick and easy creation of beautiful, dynamically generated reports and documents, merging data from several sources into a template. The documents created can be exported to different formats and automatically sent by email.
Get it from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Why choose zetaMerge?

  1. It's powerful! Several data sources can be merged into a document with tables, graphs, links and many other resources. See our User Guide.

  2. It is easy to use. All configuration is done with annotations embedded in the template text without having to enter data in another user interface. So you can make copies of the template and the settings will go together.

  3. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right, so we use a Minimum Viable Data Collection policy.

  4. You can use all the features for free and without registration for six months. After this period, you can continue to use it without losing any functionality, just with a limit on the number of monthly uses.

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